Thursday, March 30, 2006


When I see these posters on the lightposts (this one in Washington Heights) I absolutely cringe. For one thing -- why does this person have two pugs one month apart? Was one thrown back in? And I'll let you read the rest. Good times. Necklaces for everyone!

Brokeback -- Ugh.

You know, maybe Randy Quaid has a point... But did anyone ever think 'Brokeback' would come to this?

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Brokeback Mel's Diner?

Finally, Brokeback video that isn't a mash-up. Just discovered this gem on AOL's In2TV (old TV on demand for you boob tube junkies) ... an episode of "Alice" that has one of Mel's old fishing buddies coming back to town ... and little does everyone know, he's gay. Including Alice, who of course falls for him... While you're in there, check out the original pilot, with a different Tommy -- some nerdy kid. Does he even play guitar??? Odd. Also, the day I found this, I saw Linda Lavin walking down 6th Ave. She still has it.

>> Watch Alice Gets A Pass
>> In2TV main
>> TV Theme Song Karaoke (!!!)

Fun With Headlines

What I saw:

Jessica Simpson recites 8,784 digits of Pi