Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Trend I'm Over: Skateboarding Dogs

I am officially over bulldogs skateboarding. Done with it.

It seems like once a week the local newscasts are boning over a skateboarding dog? Are bulldogs being bred for this now?

It's over. About as cool as that damn water skiing squirrel. And you can find that clip yourself.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Awesome New Thriller: A BABY!

Well not a baby. But this little girl brings ... it ... on.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Special Thriller "Olsen Twins" Dance Edition

Okay, I may be mistaken, but I think the Olsen twins star in this video. Oh, no -- it's just little kids dressed as old dead zombie women ... my bad.

Creepy factor way up on this one due to massive production value. The suburbs have more budget for their little shows than the touring show for "Wicked."

Final Fantasy Thriller

I know, this one is old but worth adding for the gaming nerds who read this blog. Actually, what the fuck is this? Is there some way to make your little dumb-ass video game characters do dances and shit? Well not shit. Wait can you make them shit? Whatever. Pac-Man doing Thriller would be catchier, if you ask me. Weigh in, nerds.

Warning: Student "Thriller" Film

Oh this one is BAD. From the bad sound to the idea "OMG, let's film the WHOLE thing!" to the lack of scary yellow eyes at the end (sorry to spoil) this is just end all SUCKY. Then again, in 10th grade I starred in a student production of the video for "Cry Little Sister" in which we showed my friend Lori crying blood in a cemetary. Fuck that was awesome. Why isn't THAT on youtube?

Favorite "Thriller" Tribute Dance #5

Oh these guys make you think it's gonna be all drunk wedding guests doing the shuffle-clap and crotch grab 67 times in a row, but then the obviously gay cousin dance captains the group into an all out Thrill-fest. I bet he got really bitchy during their thrice weekly reheasals. "Amanda! I told you to think zombie -- you look like Connie Francis doing the dishes!"

UPDATE: After another viewing I've decided that chick in blue dress didn't give her all and likely won't be asked to participate in the "Uptown Girl" dance at Sarah's sweet 16.

UPDATE #2: My friend Clam Girl notes that the gay cousin kisses the bride and not in a gay cousin way, making him the groom... or the gay groom. Live life. She also notes that sad girl in blue dress "looks like the sister on Roseanne and is probably saying 'AND I have to be a bridesmaid?' Also kudos to the bride for doing the best she can in that giant meringue of a dress." I love Clam Girl.

UPDATE: This video is everywhere on Jan. 31. It's like a virus, but on the web.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The 'Thriller' That Shouldn't Have Happened

Okay, you know when you're dragged to your cousin Suzie's dance recital and you complain the whole way to your mom and she says, "Now you just STOP because for all you know her little dance group is amazing and we will get to see the next Jennifer Beals be born today!" and then you sulk in the backseat and when you get to the recital you witnes what you can only call a DANCE SENSATION and it hits you that you always wanted to be a dancer but you just never had the guys to do it?

Well, these are not those kids. Major bad. From the "I may be a dance class teacher but really want to direct music videos" production to the "what the hell, they made their own 'Thriller' dance moves?" to the kid who does a jumping handstand for no reason: just plain ouch bad. I know, they're kids... but with Dakota Fanning doing NC-17 movies in the theatres, the bar is raised, starry-eyed punks.

Favorite "Thriller" Tribute Dance #4

Extra points for dead catholic school girl costume and bonus parking lot rehearsal footage.

Favorite "Thriller" Tribute Dance #3

You gotta hand it to this guy -- not having enough space or friends to really to Thriller dance justice. But he just does it. Kudos Lonely Thriller Boy. BONUS: quote from my friend downstairs .... "i just cant imagine wanting to put a video of myself dancing in a closet on the internet."


Favorite "Thriller" Tribute Dance #2

Why this is tagged as "mature" I have no idea -- cuz these guys rock the zombie shuffle. Rock it!

Favorite "Thriller" Tribute Dance #1

Why am I a loser? because I use YouTube to garbage hunt for crappy video themes. What? Oh, like high school productions of Les Miserables? "Xanadu" tributes. And my favorite -- people doing the "Thriller" dance!

What I love about this one is the dedication and the fact it looks like they performed it at the Hogwarts School for Witchcraft. Note the one male dancer. That would have been me if we did stuff like this when I went to magic school.

Something Fishy About This Video

Friday, January 05, 2007

Why They Created YouTube

Ricky Martin in Les Miserables.

SCTV: Dusty's Holiday Special

Some people watch "It's A Wonderful Life" to get them through the holidays. I watch this.

Yes, I'm Back

Back from the blogdead. Enjoy.

Just the Best Thing Ever

My newest addiction ... Cory Haim: Me, Myself and I. Please explain the porny-ness sections to me. Please.