Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Separated At Birth

It finally hit me who rock star (not sure if he is a rock star, just looks like one) designer Daniel on Project Runway looks like .... soon-to-be-over-exposed SNLer Andy Samberg!

And now an open letter to soon-to-be-over-exposed SNLer Andy Samberg: Andy, that rap video was the bomb. It really was. But beware. Remember how funny we thought Debbie Downer was? 'Member?! Well, it's not funny anymore because your bosses allowed the sketch to be played OVER and OVER. Here's what you do. Wait until NEXT season. And then just when we think SNL is stupid again, do a sequel of Lazy Sunday... and we'll continue to crush like crazy over you. MMmm-kay? Jimmy Fallon on line 2...
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