Thursday, January 26, 2006

Project Runway :: it's my Beatles

I don't generally get fanny over things these days -- except Project Runway. Last night's episode was so good I got the shakes. For fellow fans, I've included here some shots I took from the Banana Republic store near my place of work, where they display the actual winning designs. *SQUEAL!* Sometimes I just go sit by the window and talk to the designs like they are my best friends.

(Note: click photos for much larger version that allows you to get all up-close and personal with the designs.)

Daniel V. -- the silent but deadly rocker guy -- is a FORCE to be reckoned with. His love of Nick has us all wondering, "Will this be the first ProjRun romance?" Go. Daniel. His design this week, inspired by an orchid , had Tim all giddy with design-prof love. I can't say this was my favorite, but whatever, Daniel is so cute.

This is Zulema's winning "skating costume" from last week -- I just caught the shot of it last night before they replaced it with Daniel's winning creation. Must admit, it stands pretty gorgeous in the window on display. But when you get close (click and see), you notice it's not that well-put-together. Kind of like seeing Ricky Martin at the salad bar in Whole Foods. Not so hot. True story.

As each episode airs, they throw the the previous week's winning design on an ugly rack with an almost evil conviction. I imagine Heidi throwing the designs on the floor -- "This was in last week, now, it's out" -- and Banana Republic flunkies scrambling at her feet with pins in their mouths. Regardless, fun to see them all hanging together in harmony, unlike the atmosphere back at the Atlas.

Speaking of Banana Republic flunkies, here they are! Just this morning they were bowing at the feet of Daniel V.'s creation. I waved, yet they just gave me the cold stare. Whatever. I'm totally gonna go mess up the jeans area tonight.
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kelly said...

thankfully i have gotten caught up on episodes and could look at your photos.
a) daniel v all the way
b) that ice skating costume does look awful up close. i liked chloe's blue one

love it

Big Daddy said...

When, oh when [!] will Santino 'bee out'?!?! I fear he makes it to the final three. Cute blog by the way. Found you via the skunk story on Gawker