Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The 'Thriller' That Shouldn't Have Happened

Okay, you know when you're dragged to your cousin Suzie's dance recital and you complain the whole way to your mom and she says, "Now you just STOP because for all you know her little dance group is amazing and we will get to see the next Jennifer Beals be born today!" and then you sulk in the backseat and when you get to the recital you witnes what you can only call a DANCE SENSATION and it hits you that you always wanted to be a dancer but you just never had the guys to do it?

Well, these are not those kids. Major bad. From the "I may be a dance class teacher but really want to direct music videos" production to the "what the hell, they made their own 'Thriller' dance moves?" to the kid who does a jumping handstand for no reason: just plain ouch bad. I know, they're kids... but with Dakota Fanning doing NC-17 movies in the theatres, the bar is raised, starry-eyed punks.

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