Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Favorite "Thriller" Tribute Dance #5

Oh these guys make you think it's gonna be all drunk wedding guests doing the shuffle-clap and crotch grab 67 times in a row, but then the obviously gay cousin dance captains the group into an all out Thrill-fest. I bet he got really bitchy during their thrice weekly reheasals. "Amanda! I told you to think zombie -- you look like Connie Francis doing the dishes!"

UPDATE: After another viewing I've decided that chick in blue dress didn't give her all and likely won't be asked to participate in the "Uptown Girl" dance at Sarah's sweet 16.

UPDATE #2: My friend Clam Girl notes that the gay cousin kisses the bride and not in a gay cousin way, making him the groom... or the gay groom. Live life. She also notes that sad girl in blue dress "looks like the sister on Roseanne and is probably saying 'AND I have to be a bridesmaid?' Also kudos to the bride for doing the best she can in that giant meringue of a dress." I love Clam Girl.

UPDATE: This video is everywhere on Jan. 31. It's like a virus, but on the web.

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